Rune Skovbo – Creative Programmer at Unity

Working with Claudi has been a very good experience. We explored and established just the right sound for Eye of the Temple through an iterative joint effort where Martinez gracefully handled my many requests, suggestions and attempts at describing mood and atmosphere of music without a professional vocabulary.
Rune Skovbo Johansen

Schotti – Santria’s developer

Claudi is an amazing composer and an absolute pleasure to collaborate with! He has the incredible talent to create appropriate themes only by knowing a picture of the scene and some notes I send to him. I am constantly surprised by his successful attempts to combine different styles and genres, have you ever heard about chiptune jazz?


Niclas Jepsson – Audio engineer and Journalist

Claudi’s musical knowledge and talent as well as having a great ear makes him one of the best producers for artists to work with. I’ve been lucky to get to work on projects he has produced.

Niclas Jeppsson

The Long One – Singer-Songwriter

It amazes me the huge amount of books related with music he owns in his private library: composition, production, mixing… and he is always reading new ones to expand his knowledge as a professional. This capacity of learning by himself has given him an absolute control about everything related to music, and with time he has been perfecting his abilities as a producer. A person with talent that enjoys what he does. With a high degree of implication, he’s the opposite of a conformist, and he is always looking to expand his creative side and that of those around him.

Victor Tomas
The Long One

Jane Silver – Artist

Claudi clearly demonstrates knowledge and method, alongside a great deal of creative thinking. He’s a professional in his field, and you can be sure he’ll provide solutions and move forward in any project he’s involved in.

Jane Silver

Gabriel Kazz – Singer-Songwriter

Claudi Martínez is an incredibly talented musician and producer, with a passion and drive rarely seen in the industry. Not afraid to take risks and explore different musical possibilities, he will make your music or your project grow in unexpected directions, all the while having lots of fun in the process.

Martin Jarl Velsin – Band Leader

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Claudi several times with my band, Swing’it! He’s very professional, efficient and a generally nice guy to work with and be around, I can highly recommend him!

Martin Jarl Velsin